A look back at the CNRS newcomers' day

April 13, 2023 - 3 min reading
On March 21, 2023, the CNRS organized a national day for newcomers to the CNRS. It was an opportunity to welcome in particular the 2022 laureates of the CNRS external competitions. Nearly 600 people were gathered at the Belfry of Montrouge. This day allowed these newly recruited people to discover more about the CNRS. The HR team went to meet them.

This welcome day was notably the occasion :

  • to discuss with Antoine Petit, President and CEO of the CNRS, and the Deputy Directors General, Alain Schuhl, Christophe Coudroy, Jean-Luc Moullet;
  • to show the diversity of the career paths of the CNRS Talents with Maria-Teresa Maiullari-Pontois (CNRS Crystal Medal), Marie-Pierre Chaufray (CNRS Bronze Medal), Céline Vallot (CNRS Medal for Innovation), Anne Siegel (CNRS Medal for Scientific Mediation);
  • to tell the story of research to build tomorrow with Denis Guthleben, deputy director of the committee for the history of the CNRS;
  • or to present the career of a gold medal winner with Jean Dalibard, winner of the CNRS gold medal in 2021;
  • attend thematic mini-conferences (for example, on "Career paths at the CNRS", "Reducing the environmental impact of our institution" or "CNRS IT tools".


Testimonials from newly recruited researchers, engineers and technicians (M/F):

The CNRS HR team was able to talk to several of them, from various fields such as astrophysics, history or mathematics, as well as lawyers, project managers, partnership managers, etc.

According to them, this day was an opportunity to learn more about the CNRS, to meet their peers and to network. They were also able to obtain practical information on career paths at CNRS and the IT tools available to them. Environmental issues and the CNRS's commitment to addressing them were of particular interest to the participants.

If they had to define the CNRS in 3 words, here are the ones most cited by the researchers (M/F) interviewed: "freedom, multidisciplinarity and independence" . These are values which, according to them, are essential to advance in the best conditions in their research work. The words "collegiality, knowledge and innovation" were also cited.

The word "conviviality" was often cited by the engineers and technicians (M/F) interviewed to express their expectations for this day. Discovering more about the CNRS, getting to know their counterparts in laboratories, regional delegations, and functional departments, and being closer to researchers in order to better support them were also among their expectations. For the engineers (M/F) we met, the CNRS is defined in three words: " prestige, evolution and career.

After this very rich day of learning, the participants left with a better understanding of how the CNRS works.