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The French National Centre for Scientific Research is a public multidisciplinary research organization under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Created in 1939 and directed by scientists, its mission is to advance knowledge and to be useful to society while respecting the rules of ethics, deontology and scientific integrity.
The CNRS in figures
  • 13 667 researchers (M/F)
  • 16 314 engineers and technicians (M/F)
  • More than 200 jobs

CNRS missions

The French National Center for Scientific Research is one of the largest public institutions in the world: 34,000 men and women (more than 1,000 laboratories and 200 jobs), in partnership with universities and business schools, are advancing knowledge by exploring life, matter, the Universe and the functioning of human societies. For more than 80 years, CNRS has been developing multidisciplinary research throughout France, Europe and the world. The close link that the CNRS forges between its research missions and the transfer of knowledge to society makes it a key player in innovation in France and worldwide. Its partnership with companies is the foundation of its commercialization policy, and the start-ups that emerge from its laboratories (nearly 100 each year) attest to the economic potential of its research.

Governance and organization of the CNRS

Alongside the institution's general management, the Directorate General for Science leads the CNRS's scientific policy in close collaboration with the 10 institutes that make up the institution's scientific management and that lead and coordinate the laboratories' activities. To do this, it relies on the expertise of the 18 CNRS regional delegations, which are attached to the Directorate General for Resources and have a role in managing and supporting laboratories throughout France, in conjunction with CNRS's academic partners. Finally, the Directorate General for Innovation manages the policy of transferring research results, promoting their use and interacting with the socio-economic world.

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Whether it's basic or applied research, here is an overview of the jobs you can do at CNRS.

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Accompanying and supporting research and innovation activities, discover all the jobs (more than 200) that are offered at CNRS.

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