Employment opportunities

The CNRS recruits engineers and technicians in all areas of professional activity, as well as post-doctoral researchers in all scientific disciplines on the basis of fixed-term contracts.

The CNRS is a partner of Pôle Emploi, and in 2014, initiated an action plan to support fixed-term contract personnel: see CDD charter (English version).

Supervisors, executives, managers… as many titles to cover a single reality: a function and role essential in all organisations that it is necessary to support and guide in every stage of a career.

Scientists as well as administrators, some 1,000 senior executives represent the management line of the institution and the diversity of occupations and functions at the CNRS.


Contracts for the disabled

Every year the CNRS recruits disabled researchers, engineers and technicians, whether by regular competitive examination (with the possibility of adaptive testing) or by contract. 

This procedure allows for a contractual appointment to become a permanent position after a probationary period of one year.  This constitutes a derogatory access to the civil service but is not a substitute for the competitive recruitment process, which remains the standard and preferred means of recruitment.

This avenue of access to the civil service is open to persons who qualify to benefit from legal obligation of employment and are not already employed in the civil service, provided that they meet the necessary requirements for the position in question.

For further information: CNRS handicap site