Career development

Internal mobility

It is essential to recognize the experience and skills acquired over time and to make the most of them in the careers of our employees. CNRS is committed to offering the maximum number of career advancement opportunities, whether through professional examination, internal competition or promotion.

Once a year, the CNRS organizes professional selection exams (between May and November) for access to the grades of senior research engineer (IRHC), exceptional research technician (TCE) and senior research technician (TCS), for all professional activities. These examinations are reserved for CNRS employees only, including those on secondment to another administration.

Internal competitions

Internal competitions (also held annually, between January and May) are a means of internal promotion that recognizes and values the professional commitment of engineers and technicians (M/F). These competitions are also reserved for CNRS employees only, including those on secondment to another administration.


It is also possible to benefit from promotion through advancement by choice of grade and/or body (between October and December) for engineers and technicians (M/F), at the request of the unit director or head of department (presentation of an individual file of the agent to which is attached a report by the hierarchical superior).

For researchers (M/F) wishing to apply for an advancement to the grade of Senior Research Fellow (CRHC) or Director of Research 1st class (DR1), or Director of Research 1st or 2nd step (DRCE1 or DRCE2) or for an advancement to the exceptional step of the CRHCs, 2 separate campaigns are held each year (between July and September).


Managerial support

While the CNRS's primary strength lies in the excellence of its scientific and research support staff, the quality of its managerial practices must be commensurate with its research and innovation mission. With this in mind, and because the research ecosystem is constantly evolving, the CNRS adopted a management plan in 2020. Nearly 3,000 CNRS employees benefit from a range of HR services dedicated to the executive population (recruitment, induction courses, training, coaching, professional networks, etc.).


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