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Bep to Bac+8

Culture, communication, production and dissemination of knowledge

Discover a non-exhaustive list of the different jobs of engineer and technician (M/F) that it is possible to practice in the field of culture, communication, production and diffusion of knowledge.

Accessible with a BEP level degree

Audiovisual Production Operator (M/F)

The audiovisual production operator (M/F) operates the audiovisual and multimedia equipment of his/her laboratory or the institution he/she is connected to. He/she is responsible for installing equipment in the rooms and installing mobile audiovisual and multimedia equipment. He/she is also responsible for ensuring that the equipment functions properly. In addition, he/she may manage an equipment storage service where they lend out and take back in audiovisual equipment.

Accessible from BAC level

Technician (M/F) in the image and sound professions

The image and sound technician (M/F) produces audiovisual and sound recordings and prepares their integration into different forms of media. The position involves installing equipment and carrying out cabling operations. He/she can provide and set up audiovisual and multimedia equipment for teachers, students, and the administration, adapting the equipment to their specific needs. The person in this profession is required to digitize still and moving images and sound and manage a collection of equipment as well as stocks and orders.

Accessible from the level BAC+2

Library and Scientific Resource Assistant (M/F)

The person in this profession collects, manages, and uses multi-media documentary resources. He/she is required to research, select, acquire, and process documents and information and may participate in the production of documentary and monitoring materials adapted to a target public. The position involves implementing filing systems and establishing and overseeing the document retention periods. He/she may provide training activities for users and mediate between documentary resources, services, service providers, and users.

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Accessible from the level BAC + 3

Communications officer (M/F)

The communications officer (M/F) contributes to the development of the communications strategy and its implementation. The position involves developing and implementing the organization’s editorial policy, particularly on the internet. He/she produces communication products. Managing projects is part of his/her daily work. To do this, he/she draws up the specifications and manages the budget, coordination, financial, legal, and logistical monitoring, and evaluation, and may call on external service providers. He/she may organize institutional or event-based events, maintain and develop internal and external communication networks, manage a team, and ensure ongoing relations with the media.

Accessible from the level BAC + 5

Documentary resources and engineering manager (M/F)

The Head of Documentary Resources and Engineering (M/F) manages a documentary structure and organizes its operations. The person in this position designs and implements the policy for building, increasing and preserving documentary and editorial collections. He or she is required to design and coordinate operations for the dissemination and promotion of scientific production and heritage collections. At the same time, it is to carry out functional analyses of the needs and the technical specifications in collaboration with the project leaders in the field of ICT. Within the framework of his/her activities, he/she defines a methodology for collecting and processing data and proposes an approach adapted to the analysis of a study object.