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Management and leadership of administrative and technical teams

Discover a non-exhaustive list of different possible jobs for managers who supervise teams, sometimes multi-stakeholder, experts, lead projects and/or animate professional networks.

Administrative manager laboratory (M/F)

The laboratory administrative manager is responsible, under the supervision of the laboratory director, for steering and coordinating all the teams involved in financial management, human resources, training, health and safety, logistics, partnerships, project development, HAL and communication - for the entire unit, often in a multi-tutelle, multi-employer, or even multi-site environment. He or she enables the laboratory's scientific management to deploy the laboratory's scientific project in the best conditions.

Regional Delegate (M/F)

The Regional Delegate implements the CNRS strategy at the regional level with its partners (universities and other higher education and research establishments, national research organizations and, more generally, the socio-economic sphere), laboratory directors and their staff. He or she supervises and leads the services of the regional delegation by ensuring the development of skills, quality of life at work and teamwork. The Regional Delegate works in close collaboration with the 10 scientific institutes of the CNRS, the scientific directors and the functional departments.

Prevention and Security Manager (M/F)

The prevention and safety manager proposes a regional risk prevention action plan. He or she assists and advises the CNRS regional delegate in the development and implementation of the occupational risk prevention policy. He or she implements legislation and regulations on occupational health and safety, environmental protection and fire safety. He or she advises and assists the unit and department managers and, in general, all agents, in improving safety during a development in conjunction with the human resources department and prevention medicine, a new activity, or compliance. He or she coordinates and leads the network of Prevention Assistants within the laboratories as well as other competent actors for a specific risk area (fire, first aid, etc.). In this context, he or she leads the risk assessment and prevention process for hazards that could compromise the health and safety of employees.