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Bep to Bac+8

Management and steering assistance

Discover a non-exhaustive list of the different engineering and technical jobs (M/F) that can be done in the field of management and control.

Accessible with a BEP level degree

Administrative Management Assistant (M/F)

The administrative management assistant (M/F) carries out routine management operations in relation to the organization’s field of activity. He/she performs data entry and updates on management databases, handles and formats various documents (letters, reports, administrative certificates, etc.), so they can be reproduced and distributed. In addition, he/she processes and disseminates internal and external information concerning the unit’s operations. He/she participates in the department’s logistical operations and assists the staff and teams. He/she may be required to handle telephone and on-site reception and direction of internal and external contacts, receive, distribute, and ensure the traceability of mail, and file and archive documents.

Accessible from BAC level

Financial and accounting manager (M/F)

The manager’s activities include handling commitment, liquidation, and payment operations, monitoring appropriations by type of expenditure or operation and by organization, and recording budgetary data. The person performing this job is responsible for filing and archiving documents and vouchers for financial and accounting operations, collecting and checking the supporting documents required for management operations, and carrying out payroll and allowance payment operations. He/she follows the changes to regulations in his/her field of activity, records the procedures applicable in his/her field, and maintains an income/expense account for public funds. In addition, he/she updates and monitors the databases for the area of operation.

Accessible from the level BAC+2

Human Resources Assistant (M/F)

The human resources assistant (M/F) prepares technical or specialized files for routine personnel management decisions. He/she coordinates and implements systems and procedures concerning human resources management operations. He/she may be required to inform and advise employees on their professional situation and also inform and advise departments on human resources management. He/she produces management charts and ensures their follow-up. He/she may lead and coordinate the activity of a team and participate in developing the training plan or the human resources report.

Accessible from the level BAC + 3

Purchasing and contracting officer (M/F)

This position involves developing and implementing analysis, guidance, and regulation tools and setting up and monitoring indicators and tools for measuring the performance of the purchasing department. The job consists of establishing scenarios for forecasting activity management and developing and proposing the planning and programming of purchases. He/she may manage and lead a team of buyers or experts in purchasing management. As part of his/her activities, he/she draws up the bidding documents for companies/suppliers according to the needs expressed by the establishment's units and departments, and draws up a bid analysis grid. The person carrying out this job may be required to draw up economic reports for conducting economic studies on the organization’s purchases as well as implement, manage, and monitor the performance of the contract.

Accessible from the level BAC + 5

Head of administration and management (M/F)

The head of administration and management (M/F) develops and implements the master plan in conjunction with the management team. He/she participates in creating the organization’s policy and objectives, initiates the establishment's projects, and ensures their implementation. His/her activities include: managing the organization and department, organizing, coordinating, and supervising the regular and continuous operation of the departments, establishing and proposing the budget, controlling and analyzing its distribution and implementation. The person in this profession may be required to manage technical or organizational development projects for the organization and define and conduct purchasing policies and tendering procedures. He/she draws up and negotiates contracts and agreements for the organization in conjunction with partners, and ensures that activities are promoted and that an internal and external communication policy is implemented.