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Computer Science, Statistics and Computing

Discover a non-exhaustive list of the different jobs of engineer and technician (M/F) that it is possible to practice in the field of computer science, statistics and computer calculation.

Accessible with a BEP level degree

Operator (M/F) for computer operation and maintenance

The computer operation and maintenance operator (M/F) is responsible for receiving, installing, and updating desktop computers and other computing devices in compliance with the organization’s instructions, and for carrying out first-level troubleshooting of the various equipment and in the event of network and internet access problems. He/she reports incidents and malfunctions on desktop computers, printers, and other devices. He/she participates in installing cabling and keeps the inventory of computer equipment, devices, and audiovisual equipment up to date. In addition, he/she may advise and assist users in the current use of office automation tools and business applications.

Accessible from BAC level

Technician (M/F) of operation, assistance and information processing

He/she is responsible for the initial installation and updating of equipment, installs and manages active network equipment, controls and performs configuration audits of desktop computers, servers, and local networks, checks that the domain's applications are operating correctly, and submits requests for changes. The person working in this position may assist and advise users with security concerns (resolving or reporting incidents and optimizing performance), monitor the operation of systems, production tools and/or applications, and participate in training and user support activities. He/she writes service reports, user manuals, procedures and manages information on the status of the computer equipment.

Accessible from the level BAC+2

Infrastructure Manager (M/F)

His/her mission is to install and manage the resources necessary for the expected production of the domain and to assist users in the implementation and operation of their computer environment. To do this, he/she manages, maintains, and develops the hardware and software. He/she monitors daily operations and defines the installation and updating parameters of the desktop computers. He/she may advise, accompany, and train users, provide technical support to users (second level), and develop the documentation for the implementation, updating, and operating processes of the components.

Accessible from the level BAC + 3

System and network administrator (M/F)

His/her mission is to define management procedures and manage the system components, software infrastructures, networks, and sites of the information systems to ensure consistency, quality, and security. To do this, the person in this job is responsible for planning, installing, automating, supervising, and improving production processes, securing production, and managing the upgrades and maintenance of hardware, software and the system. In addition, he/she may manage a team, assume responsibility for projects, and negotiate with suppliers and service providers.

Accessible from the level BAC + 5

Expert (M/F) in scientific computing

The scientific computing expert (M/F) manages technical projects that use computing methods to solve the technical, human, and administrative aspects involved in a scientific issue. The position involves managing a group of engineers and technicians in charge of supporting users of scientific computing tools. The person working in this position is required to provide expertise in the use of mathematical methods and computer techniques for the modeling and simulation of a physical phenomenon. In addition, he/she designs methods for modeling, calculating, and visualizing results and participates in national and international research projects and associated publications.