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Bep to Bac+8

Real estate, logistics, restoration and prevention

Discover a non-exhaustive list of the various engineering and technical jobs (M/F) that can be done in the fields of real estate, logistics, restoration and prevention.

Accessible with a BEP level degree

Logistics operator (M/F)

His/her activities include: greeting, informing, and directing the public, on site or by telephone, managing a switchboard and ensuring the distribution, collection, and dispatch of mail. He/she controls access to buildings, the movement of people and the operation of technical, specialized, and sports facilities while ensuring the opening and closing of buildings. He/she organizes the storage facilities and oversees the stocks. As part of his/her activities, the person in this profession may be required to drive motor vehicles and equipment, ensure their routine maintenance, and also transport people, mail, and documents. He/she handles and transports products and materials, provides logistical support, and checks the schedules of the different venues on the premises.

Accessible from BAC level

Technician (M/F) for high or low current electricity

His/her duties include checking the condition of high or low voltage (HV/LV) technical equipment, ensuring the maintenance, upkeep, and regulatory technical inspections, analyzing reports, and making observations. The person in this profession may be required to supervise the work of technical personnel, manage stocks, keep all technical documents up to date, and propose solutions to improve equipment operations as well as their energy performance.

Accessible from the level BAC+2

Manager (M/F) of heritage data and indicators

The heritage data and indicators manager organizes, oversees, and develops an information system for real estate assets and leads multi-skilled work groups to assemble and update various indicators. Activities include: drawing up and updating the inventory of real estate assets, ensuring that technical data is listed, preserved, and updated, and providing input for asset management dashboards.

Accessible from the level BAC + 3

Risk Prevention Engineer (M/F)

The risk prevention engineer (M/F) advises and assists the establishment’s director in defining and implementing workplace health and safety rules. He/she oversees the preparation of the risk assessment form and the follow-up of the action plan. His/her activities include: defining, coordinating, and leading the network of prevention stakeholders, ensuring the correct application of prevention rules in the establishment, and ensuring and making available the regulatory monitoring. He/she participates in the development of the risk prevention training plan and is responsible for creating and distributing risk prevention tools. He/she prevents and anticipates crisis situations and organizes the management of emergency situations.

Accessible from the level BAC + 5

Engineer (M/F) responsible for real estate or logistics

The engineer’s mission is to advise the institution's management on real estate, define the real estate asset management policy, and implement the real estate strategy. His/her activities include: guiding forward planning sessions on real estate asset development and/or advising on governance for defining the institution's sustainable real estate policy. He/she prepares and supports financial arrangements (national government, local authorities, the institution, other partners), enabling the multi-year planning of investments, and draws up, justifies, and implements the department's budget. He/she organizes and supervises internal/external activities concerning the institution’s real estate policy and scope and is responsible for the management of real estate projects.