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Chemical and Material Sciences

Discover a non-exhaustive list of the different engineering and technical professions (M/F) that can be practiced in the field of chemical and material sciences.

Accessible with a BEP level degree

Assistant (M/F) in chemistry and physical sciences

His/her mission is to carry out routine preparations and/or practical work in chemistry and physical sciences according to a defined protocol. These activities include: setting up laboratory experiments, participating in the development of experiments, adjusting, operating and maintaining first-level chemistry and physical science equipment.

Accessible from BAC level

Technician (M/F) in materials processing

The materials processing technician (M/F) conducts processing and shaping experiments on solid and/or thin-layer materials, following a pre-established protocol. His/her activities include: processing samples in thin layers and/or solid materials, analyzing and controlling the processed and/or shaped materials and performing various processes on these materials. The person in this profession keeps an experiment book and provides in-house training in the processing and shaping of samples and in carrying out common experiments.

Accessible from the level BAC + 2

Assistant engineer (M/F) in chemical analysis

His/her mission is to perform one or more analytical techniques and adapt them to the analyzed material and the research objectives. Activities include: conducting the experiment to optimize the results, preparing the samples for analysis, extracting the raw results, formatting and presenting them, choosing the analysis protocol and adapting it in collaboration with those requesting the analysis. The person in this profession writes the laboratory notebook, experimental procedures, technical notes, and analysis reports. He/she may be required to manage the supply of materials and products and, if necessary, respond to requests for products from the local chemical library for biological screening.

Accessible from the level BAC +3

Engineer (M/F) in chemical synthesis

The chemical synthesis engineer (M/F) implements and conducts one or more synthesis methods corresponding to a field of chemistry. His/her activities include: choosing the appropriate synthesis techniques, developing procedures and operating methods, checking the progress and results of the syntheses carried out and performing bibliographical research on a topic to update his/her knowledge. He/she writes the experimental procedures to create the reports on the synthesis results and their interpretation.

Accessible from the level BAC + 5

Research engineer (M/F) in materials science/development

The research engineer (M/F) in materials science/development creates new materials, components, and processes using simulation tools where appropriate. His/her activities include: developing and adapting devices for the development and study of materials to obtain the desired properties, determining, coordinating, and implementing physical, chemical, optical, structural, and other characterization techniques (ex- or in-situ) for the control and validation of the developed material, initiating, leading and/or participating in research projects related to the field, and disseminating and promoting the research results. He/she may be required to define and manage all the human, material, and financial resources needed to obtain the targeted materials and to supervise/lead a team.