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Information Sciences

Discover a non-exhaustive list of the different possible professions in the Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Researcher (M/F) in artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is increasingly used in data processing (images, sounds, texts, etc.) to facilitate the work of professionals in these fields. Artificial intelligence algorithms require a learning phase (based on training data) and are then able to improve their performance with experience. Research in this field means developing logical deduction approaches and automating them in the form of algorithms for playing chess, recognizing printed characters, making a medical diagnosis based on symptoms, etc.

Researcher (M/F) in cybersecurity

Digital objects, whether material (computers, connected objects, computer networks) or immaterial (software, data, information systems), are more and more often the target of attacks. The cybersecurity field is developing upstream methods to avoid and detect these malicious acts. Using algorithms, cryptology, computer system architecture, software sciences, and artificial intelligence, the researcher analyzes and improves the security of electronic voting, health data, autonomous vehicles, and many other IT systems.

Researcher (M/F) in eco-responsible computer science

This post involves rethinking computer systems to reduce their direct and indirect environmental impact. The researcher applies a form of digital sobriety (frugality, resilience) and improves the energy efficiency of computer system hardware and software parts. For example, this reduces the energy consumption of internet networks using mathematical models and algorithms, improves computer processor efficiency, and optimizes database management in data centers.