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Bep to Bac+8

Engineering sciences and scientific instrumentation

Discover a non-exhaustive list of the different engineering and technical professions (M/F) that it is possible to practice in the field of engineering sciences and scientific instrumentation.

Accessible with a BEP level degree

Assistant (M/F) in mechanical manufacturing

The mechanical manufacturing assistant (M/F) assembles various parts, ensures the production, implementation, and maintenance of mechanical assemblies. The position involves machining mechanical parts on one or more conventional machine tools, checking the dimensions of parts and assembling the parts. He/she installs and maintains mechanical components on the equipment and applies safety procedures.

Accessible from BAC level

Technical assistant (M/F) in instrumentation, experimentation, and measurement

His/her mission is to implement experimental devices and contribute to the management, maintenance, and purchase of experimental or educational materials. The position involves carrying out physical measurements in series, following a protocol linked to a given experimental apparatus/material/device/equipment. The person in this job trains in the operating procedures of experimental devices, handles first-level maintenance and servicing, oversees the detection and diagnosis of simple breakdowns, and maintains relations with suppliers.

Accessible from the level BAC+2

Assistant engineer (M/F) in instrumentation and experimental techniques

The assistant engineer (M/F) in instrumentation and experimental techniques creates experimental devices by developing or adapting setups and protocols. The position involves conducting experiments or installations according to predefined objectives, developing or adapting procedures for using equipment and analyzing test results, comparing them with the objectives, and adjusting and modifying the protocol. The person in this profession draws up project plans and diagrams (mechanical, electronic, etc.), makes dimensioning calculations, and trains users in the implementation of experimental devices.

Accessible from the level BAC + 3

Engineer (M/F) in experimental techniques

His/her mission is to study, develop, set up, and operate experimental devices. The position involves developing experimental devices, defining, developing, testing, and formalizing protocols, designing and planning all or part of an experimental device, sizing the experimental device, and drawing up technical specifications. The person is this profession writes the technical specifications and the design and realization documents associated with the experimental devices and develops the qualification of the experimental device, carries out the tests and calibrations, and writes the operating procedures. He/she may coordinate the operation of the device and conduct experiments, manage technical, human, and financial resources, and, if necessary, process and analyze the data.

Accessible from the level BAC + 5

Expert (M/F) in experimentation development

The expert (M/F) in experimental development studies scientific needs and proposes appropriate measurement, characterization, and observation techniques and methods. The position involves analyzing metrological constraints and designing or developing the experimentation and measurement chain, negotiating the functional specifications, and writing the technical specifications. The person in this profession organizes the follow-up of the experiments, validates and qualifies the device or the method at its various stages, oversees the taking of measurements, interprets and validates them. He/she provides training and information on the principles and implementation of the experimental devices, ensures operational safety, and manages all the human, technical, and financial resources allocated to the experiments.