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Bep to Bac+8

Life, earth and environmental sciences

Discover a non-exhaustive list of the different engineering and technical professions (M/F) that can be practiced in the field of life, earth and environmental sciences.

Accessible with a BEP level degree

Assistant(M/F) in biology research

He/she ensures and controls the cleaning, maintenance, sterilization, disinfection, and preparation of equipment used in research laboratories. The activity consists in preparing the research environments and ensuring the follow-up of equipment maintenance. He/she ensures that a clean environment is maintained, which is essential to research activities.

Accessible from BAC level

Technician (M/F) in plant experimentation and production

The plant experimentation and production technician (M/F) oversees the growth of crops in the field, in hydroponic conditions, in greenhouses, and in grow chambers. He/she monitors the health of plants and crops and carries out certain routine experimental procedures in accordance with established protocols, such as sampling, observation, identification, hybridization, etc. In addition, he/she collects and transmits crop monitoring information, which is essential for the effective operation of the unit's research activities.

Accessible from the level BAC +2

Assistant engineer (M/F) in animal biology

The assistant engineer (M/F) in animal biology is in charge of monitoring animals in research projects. To do so, he/she may perform surgical procedures, handle pre- and post-operation follow-ups, take samples from animals, ensure animal well-being, monitor their sanitary condition and health status, administer necessary treatments, and develop cell culture, immunology, and molecular biology experiments by adapting protocols to meet research needs.

Accessible from the level BAC +3

Engineer (M/F) in biological experimentation and instrumentation

The engineer (M/F) in biological experimentation and instrumentation develops techniques and instruments according to the research objectives as part of a specialized approach. He/she is an advisor and instructor on the different techniques in which he/she is an expert, their limits, the analysis methods, their interpretation, while also monitoring the associated instruments. He/she creates and optimizes experiments in a field of study in biology: protein biochemistry, cell biology, developmental biology, transgenesis. He/she ensures a scientific and technological oversight in his/her field of activity in order to respond effectively to scientific problems.

Accessible from the level BAC +3

Biological engineer (M/F) in data analysis

The biologist engineer (M/F) in data analysis plans and organizes the collection and processing of data from life sciences research. To do this, he/she manages and defines study plans in collaboration with researchers. He/she develops the structure of databases and adapted information systems (design of mathematical models) for the collection, structuring, and storage of data in order to respond optimally to the problem at hand. He/she then analyzes the data resulting from the research work, disseminates and promotes the results and technological achievements in the form of reports, patents, publications, and oral presentations. He/she may be required to manage technical teams, oversee budgets allocated to data collection and processing systems, while also acting as an expert (advisor, instructor, technology watch).