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Bep to Bac+8

Humanities and Social Sciences

Discover a non-exhaustive list of the different engineering and technical jobs (M/F) that are possible in the field of humanities and social sciences.

Accessible from BAC level

Technician (M/F) in geographic information sciences

His/her mission is to apply methods and techniques in the collection and representation of geographic information as part of a research project or a service mission. The position involves producing maps and organizing information for map production. The person in this profession is responsible for acquiring and entering data in existing databases.

Accessible from the level BAC+2

Assistant engineer (M/F) in production, data processing and surveys

His/her mission is to participate in the design and organization of the data or collection and to ensure its quality and consistency while also implementing methodological tests. The position involves assisting with collection operations management and readjusting techniques to the particularities of the materials. He/she organizes and leads the activity of a team of investigators and ensures their training. In addition, the person in this position is required to ensure and document coding and recoding operations and participate in the construction of indicators. He/she carries out the initial processing and participates in the interpretation of the materials collected and formats the results, documenting and organizing the materials in a form that makes it easier for team members understand and apply them.

Accessible from the level BAC + 3

Research engineer (M/F) in historical and cultural sources analysis

His/her mission is to participate in the development and use of a collection of sources and data limited to a specific scientific subject defined by a research team. To do this, he/she locates textual, graphic, iconographic, and sound sources on all types of media formats in order to identify, describe, and analyze them. He/she participates in developing digital or paper tools for the treatment, critical analysis, and diffusion of these sources. The person in this profession may co-organize and contribute to national or international scientific events and participate in expert appraisals.

Accessible from the level BAC + 5

Research engineer (M/F) in data production, processing and analysis

The research engineer (M/F) in data production, processing and analysis implements and adapts experimental protocols and plant production processes. The position involves planning and conducting experiments and production operations in the field, in hydroponic set-ups, in greenhouses, and in grow chambers, assessing the means necessary to carry out the tasks, monitoring the health of the plants and crops, applying or prescribing phytosanitary or integrated biological protection treatments, processing the data, and interpreting the results.