Compensation for contractual employees

Salary or wages? Compensation or bonus? Index point, grades, steps...: the remuneration of contractual employees in the civil service uses a specific vocabulary that can be confusing. Let's put things straight and simplify!

How does compensation work?

The rules concerning the remuneration of contractual employees are set according to the nature of the contract. .

To this lump sum remuneration may be added monthly :

  • The family salary supplement (rate depending on the number of dependent children) ;
  • Partial reimbursement of commuting expenses;

For a doctoral contract: 2 135 € gross monthly minimum

For an apprenticeship contract: between 453.32 and 2,014.74 gross per month (depending on the age and level of the diploma prepared)

For an internship : 614,26€ gross monthly

Remuneration of contractual staff on state subsidies or research contracts

Employment level Monthly gross compensation range (depending on experience and location)
Scientific works Between 2 805,35 € and 4 541,08 €.
Highly specialized technical work Between 2 583,56 € and 3 368,34 €.
Study and design work Between €2,213.87 and €2,897.94
Technical studies Between 2 046,30 € and 2 568,55 €.
Work of realization Between 1807,97 € and 2 052,37
Execution works Between 1785,44 € and 1 945,62 €.
*These tables give a range of remuneration provided as an indication. The remuneration here includes the flat fee only. Net pay is calculated by applying a contribution rate between 19% and 20%.