Temporary Assignment


Temporary assignments of teacher-researchers are governed by Article 14 of revised decree 84-431 of 6 June 1984. This is a position specifically designed for lecturers and university professors and is part of the general policy for promoting research activity at the CNRS.

This formula reflects the fact that the teacher-researcher is not detached or on loan to the CNRS. He/she continues to be paid by the parent administration and ceases teaching in all or in part during this period (6 months full time, 1 year full time or 1 year part-time) in order to devote time to a research activity approved by the CNRS and the parent institution.

Temporary assignment is decided at a CNRS unit.


Drawing up a contract

Assignment to the CNRS is subject to an agreement between the CNRS and the teacher-researcher’s parent institution. Financial compensation is paid by the CNRS to cover the salary of his/her replacement. 

For several years, the CNRS has used this formula to uphold the scientific policy it shares with the site’s institutions: bold priority thematic of this partnership, subjects in emergence, interdisciplinary projects, projects in mixed international units…

Requesting approval

The request for temporary assignment must be submitted for approval to the president or director of the parent institution.


In case of agreement, the assignment is pronounced by order of the president or the director of the institution with the approval of the academic council or the body responsible for exercising the powers mentioned in article L. 712-6-1. IV.

Temporary Assignments 2021/2022

As of the 2021/2022 campaign, teacher-researchers must apply for assignments using the Galaxie application. Institutions should manage and transmit applications to the CNRS by logging onto https://www.galaxie.enseignementsup-recherche.gouv.fr/ensup/cand_acc_delegation_CNRS.htm

nb. No applications for temporary assignments will be considered unless transmitted through Galaxie.

Access FAQ (PDF format)


Please provide the following elements with your application for temporary assignment:

  1. Download and complete the form, scan it and include it as the first page of the scientific dossier. This form consists of the following elements:
    1. a summary of your last five years of teaching
    2. approval by the director of the unit to which you wish to be assigned
    3. approval by the director of your unit of origin
  2. Activity report including a complete curriculum-vitae, your research activities over the last five years, all teaching activities and activities in the collective interest: participation in evaluation, expertise commissions, etc (20 pages maximum);
  3. A presentation of the work that you propose to undertake in the framework of your temporary assignment (5 pages maximum);
  4. The list of your publications with web-links if applicable;
  5. One or more opinions of scientific personalities concerning the work accomplished and the proposed programme (optional).

nb. Any images in your application must be inserted in highly compressed JPEG format.

These 5 elements must be presented as a single pdf document (unlocked) accompanying your application.

The Galaxie application is open to candidatures for temporary assignments from 24 September 2020 at 10 am (Paris time) until 22 October 2020 at 4 pm (Paris time)


The CNRS has set up an application in its information system to exchange data on this programme.

Once exchanges with the directors of institutions concerning candidatures are completed and the final decisions made, the CNRS will transmit the results to each institution and each teacher-researcher on the Galaxie portal.

Important: once the results are known, the teacher-researcher must, via Galaxie, confirm agreement with the terms of the temporary assignment, request its modification (at an equivalent or lower FTE) or decline.