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Delegation welcome


Delegations of professors-researchers are governed by articles 11 et seq. of decree no. 84-431 of June 6, 1984, as amended. Other texts governing the special status of lecturers and professors also provide for the possibility of delegation, in particular: decree no. 92-171 of February 21, 1992 governing the special status of lecturer-researchers in public higher education establishments under the authority of the Minister of Agriculture; decree no. 2018-105 of February 15, 2018 governing the special status of professors and lecturers in national higher schools of architecture.

Hosting a delegation is a specific position that comes under the general scheme for hosting CNRS research staff.

This wording reflects the fact that, during this period, teacher-researchers on delegation are neither on secondment nor on secondment to the CNRS. They continue to be remunerated by their home administration, and cease all or part of their teaching duties during the period of delegation, in order to devote themselves to the research project approved by the CNRS and their institution. Teacher-researchers may be hosted on a full-time or part-time basis.

Delegations are accepted by a CNRS unit.



Request agreement

The request for a delegation must be submitted to the head of the home establishment for approval.

Drawing up the delegation order

If the request is approved, the delegation is made by order of the institution's management, after consulting the academic council or the body competent to exercise the powers referred to in IV of article L. 712-6-1.

Drawing up an agreement

Delegations to the CNRS are subject to an agreement between the CNRS and the teacher-researcher's home institution. Financial compensation is paid by the CNRS to the institution to cover the replacement (partial or total) of the teaching service.

For a number of years now, CNRS has been keen to use this scheme to bolster the scientific policy it shares with its partners: strong, priority themes for this partnership, emerging subjects, interdisciplinary projects, preparation of European projects, long-term stays abroad as part of a project with CNRS, projects in international research laboratories (IRL), unit management, resumption of activity following long-term leave, etc.

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Teacher-researchers must complete their delegation application in the Galaxie application

In the same way, establishments manage the files and transmit them to CNRS by connecting to Galaxie.

NB: No delegation application will be accepted unless transmitted via Galaxie.

Frequently asked questions (PDF format)

Elements of the delegation application :

  1. Leaflet to download from the Galaxie portal(1) or here and complete, scan and include in the first pages of the scientific dossier. This leaflet includes the following items:
    1. summary of the last 5 years of teaching,
    2. the opinion of the director of the unit where the delegation is to take place,
    1. opinion of the director of the unit of origin ;
  1. An activity report including, in particular, a curriculum vitae, a summary of research work over the last five years, teaching responsibilities, functions of collective interest : participation in evaluation commissions, expertise, unit management, etc. (20 pages maximum);
  2. A presentation of the work planned as part of the delegation (5 pages maximum) ;
  1. A list of a maximum of 10 of the most significantscientific productions ( 1) (full references) ( publications, invited lectures, reports, etc.) in support of the assessment of research work over the last five years. If possible, this list should include Internet links to these scientific productions (, ...);
  2. One or more scientific opinions on the work carried out and the proposed program (optional).

NB: If the folder contains images, they must be inserted in JPEG format, with a high compression ratio.

These 5 elements together constitute a single pdf document (unlocked), which must be submitted in support of the application.

Open Galaxie application (2) for delegation applications: from Friday September 22, 2023 - 10 a.m. to Friday October 20, 2023 - 4 p.m. (Paris time).

The CNRS, for its part, has an application within its information system for exchanging data from the delegation campaign with Galaxie.

The CNRS's final decision is taken after discussions on the applications with the heads of establishments.

Institutions and individual researchers will be able to consult the results on the Galaxie portal. (2).

Important : Once the results are known, the teacher-researcher must then, via Galaxie, confirm his or her agreement to the terms and conditions of the delegation, request, if necessary, a modulation of the hosting (at equivalent or lower FTE) or inform us of his or her withdrawal.